Introduction to Critical Theories

Introduction to Critical Theories

Module Instructors: Dr. Heidi Janz, Dr. Bathseba Opini, & Dr. Michelle Stack

This module introduces critical theories.  It does this first by raising and briefly exploring such general questions as: How do we conceptualize critical theories, and what can they tell us about power structures in society? How might critical theories contribute towards understanding and challenging social, political and economic inequities? What is the distinction between critical theories and critical thinking?  From there, the module then focuses on the concept of intersectionality and introduces critical disability studies and critical race theory.

This module aims to support graduate students with their thesis or dissertation writing, and can be completed as part of a directed study with an identified faculty member. It can also be used by students as a refresher when they have reached the writing stage of their research.

How this module works:
This module has been designed for graduate students in the Faculty of Education at the University of British Columbia. However, students in other faculties may also find this module useful. In this module, you will be asked to do the following:

  • Watch the video lectures
  • Read the required materials before watching the video lectures
  • Use the suggested assignments in full, or modify to create your own
  • Consult the resources section when needed

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