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Welcome to the EDST Online Learning Library!

Welcome to a resource designed just for you as a graduate student in the Department of Educational Studies, and beyond! This library of online theory and methods modules aims to provide support to students at various points in their degree, such as:

  • Using or combining modules to construct a directed study course with your research supervisor – each module suggests assignments for you to consider.
  • Refreshing your knowledge or introducing you to a theory or method while writing your proposal or thesis/dissertation – use this as a self-study tool.
  • Introducing you to various faculty members in the department whom you may not have had a course with as you consider the composition of your thesis or dissertation committee.

Each of these modules are ideally viewed in the sequence in which it has been put together, but they are all open thus allowing you to jump in and out of a module where needed. 

Tutorial: how to register for a module

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