This library of online modules aims to provide students with an opportunity to define their research and identify theories and methods that will assist in timely dissertation or thesis completion. Initiated in 2018 by Dr. Deirdre Kelly, through a Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund (TLEF) grant, numerous EDST faculty members have contributed to the module library.

Project Background 

The initiative was a response to student experiences in the EdD program.  Specific ideas were generated and honed through the EdD Management Committee, which includes student and alumni representatives as well as faculty members.  While inspired by the circumstances of EdD students, graduate students across the department–and, potentially, in units across the Faculty of Education and beyond—will likely find this library useful.  Those most likely to benefit are students who have completed most of their courses and are writing their proposals.  Anecdotally, as the EdD, PhD, and MA students transition from the relatively structured course work to the relatively unstructured thesis or dissertation part of their programs, they are in less face-to-face contact with faculty members and can sometimes lose traction.  

Thus, the online modules are meant, above all, as resources that can be used to help structure and deepen the learning experience of students at this critical stage in their programs.  More specifically, the direct potential benefits to students include: 1) increased opportunities to enhance their knowledge about theories, methods, or both relevant to their intended research; 2) the possibility of strengthening their MA thesis or doctoral dissertation proposals; 3) access to an increased range of perspectives through resources in the online library; 4) an increased range of possible research supervisors known to students through the faculty lecture notes and video appearances incorporated into modules; and 5) a potentially shortened time to program completion if modules are used—in conversation with faculty members—to structure the proposal writing stage of the students’ programs.  

Technical Issues & Feedback

If you are experiencing technical issues please contact the Web & Communications Coordinator in the Department of Educational Studies.

If you have ideas for current or future modules, or simply have feedback that about this library please contact the EdD chair in the Department of Educational Studies.

We gratefully acknowledge the support we received from the Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund at UBC as well as the EdD Program Enhancement Fund.